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    At UltraView we believe the grip is one of the most important components to any archers setup. It’s the only accessory that truly connects you to your bow. As serious bowhunters, we know what kind of time and effort you put in to increase the odds come hunting season. You cut no corners and neither should your equipment.
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    The UltraGrip is constructed from a warm to the touch, micro-textured, carbon fiber that seamlessly fits the contour of the riser, providing a perfect feeling bow in all hunting environments. This UltraGrip is the cultivation of countless hours of research on what makes a great grip… great.


    •  Compatible with all Hoyt hunting bows made 2008 or later - Specifically designed for the RX1

    • Carbon fiber composite for a seamless warm to the touch feel on Hoyt's carbon bows

    • Micro-textured to provide the perfect amount of grip.

    • Center alignment hexagons to aid in consistant hand placement.

    10 Side Plate Colors to match your setup perfectly.

    Rounded throat with a flat face to help prevent hand torque and consistant hand placement.

    • Flush fit to the the riser requiring no bolting screws or mounting tape.

    Verified Reviews 

    From industry leaders

    I was involved throughout the entire design process in the making of this hunting grip. I truly believe that UltraView has come up with the best grip possible for the Hoyt hunting bows. The material, fit and finish is simply perfect for hunting.

    George Ryals IV / Head Coach - ALC

    This grip completes my ultimate hunting rig. It makes my RX1 feel like it was designed to be used for both a target bow and a hunting bow all with a warm to the touch feel. While shooting, my groups have had substantial improvement since installing the UltraGrip. 10/10 would shoot again.

    Chris Bee / 

    As the head engineer who worked on this grip I truly feel as if we have developed the best possible final product. I'm certain that no other grip on the market has had so much time and effort put into the design and functionality of its use. After 100's of prototypes this final design was chosen as the best grip for Hoyt hunting bows.  

    Zach Shreve / CTO - UltraView 


    As archery is a world wide sport, we ship WORLD WIDE at the cheapest rates possible - only $9.99. Domestically all orders over $49.99 will qualify for free shipping in which your brand new UltraGrip will be shipped Via USPS right to your doorstep in just 3 short days!


    Please feel free to contact us at anytime regarding any questions you might have about the UltraGrip, or any other of our products! At the bottom of the page you can find a link to our Contact US page!