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    Jesse Broadwater UltraGrip

    Jesse Broadwater - "I truly believe this is the most accurate grip for a Mathews bow and I can’t imagine shooting without one."

    Sharon Carpenter Wallace - "I hurt my wrist a while back in cross fit, ever since I have had trouble getting my grip where I want it. Thanks to the new Jesse UltraGrip I no longer have this problem! ~ Thank you for such a great grip!"

    Erica Faulkner - "I shot a full course with no pain! Just ask Chuck Cooley or Jack Denley, as they were there while I struggled through Lancaster trying hard not to just give up it hurt so bad. I shot for about three days this week with no pain. Thanks UltraView, your grip has allowed me shoot again!"


    Hoyt UltraGrip

    Duane Dougherty - "Since adding my first 10º UltraGrip to my Hoyt Prevail, I’ve noticed a reduction in bow torque while being comfortable and confident at full draw — and I love the colors!"

    Ronald Roberts - "Got the 10 degree and I love it, just the right amount of angle to make my bow arm relaxed. Now I have to try the 15! Great communication and super fast shipping!!!"

    Mathews UltraGrip Kit

    Chris Conte - "Love the grip! Played with the angle, and for me it's the medium. The bow feels better in my hand at full draw with pressure in all the right spots. Judging from my shooting friend's reactions, there'll be more sold soon. The customer service and communication is great also. I had plenty of questions and comments and all were addressed promptly and knowledgeably. looking at the Starlight scope next."

    Funky Knobs

    Jeremy Beard - “The Helix thumb button fits perfectly into the crease on my thumb and has greatly improved my shot timing and execution. Is $10 worth making more consistent shots? Highly recommend just trying one.”


    1st place in the nation's largest undergraduate invention competition

    StarLite’s extremely functional yet simplistic design won 1st place in one of the largest invention competitions in the nation. Its patent pending design features an integrated light kit powered by a wireless battery pack with over 60 hours of battery life. This eliminates the need of an up pin and provides an obstruction free sight picture. Learn more here