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Load image into Gallery viewer, UV BUTTON™
Load image into Gallery viewer, UV BUTTON™
Load image into Gallery viewer, UV BUTTON™
Load image into Gallery viewer, UV BUTTON™
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Load image into Gallery viewer, UV BUTTON™


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Designed to perfectly fit your hand - UV BUTTON™ makes every shot comfortable and consistent.

UV BUTTON™ shares the same profile as The Hinge 2, making the switch between both releases seamless.

With our new ULTRAGLIDE™ bushing technology, a wide range of travel and force adjustment, springed d-loop retainment, wrist strap loop, ergonomic contoured knob, rubber bumper silencing system and highly durable Cerakote finish - nothing was spared and no detail overlooked on UV BUTTON™.

*Certain features of this product are patented or patent pending.


UV BUTTON™ (Your choice of size and material)

Allen key for trigger/travel adjustments

Instruction manual



An all new design for button releases; ULTRAGLIDE™ is an advanced self-lubricating, internal bushing system that isolates all unnecessary metal-on-metal contact. Resulting in an incredibly low maintenance, smooth, reliable, and quiet release.


Have the exact same profile and geometry which was designed to fit the human hand perfectly. This optimizes comfort and consistency when switching releases. As an added bonus, with proper shot execution you may experience the same point of impact with both releases.

Watch this video to achieve the best results: How to Shoot Handheld Releases

Convenient Adjustability -

Micro-adjust a wide range of force and travel. The force can be set as feather-light or super-heavy without needing to swap springs.

Springed D-loop retainment -

Allows you to keep UV BUTTON™ on your string without falling off, ensuring you’re ready at all times - a must-have for all hunters.

Hunting Bracket 3rd Finger -

Inspired by The Hunting Bracket, the third finger has a lanyard loop for people who prefer using a wrist lanyard.

Contoured Knob -

The thumb knob has an ergonomic dished contour with non-slip spiral grooves ensuring it fits your thumb perfectly.

Cerakote -

Durable Smoke Gray and Matte Black options available.


Compatible with all properly secured D-loops.

Stainless - Matte Black - Medium - 5.6oz

Aluminum - Smoke Gray - Medium - 3.1oz

Stainless - Matte Black - Large - 9.6oz

Aluminum - Smoke Gray - Large - 7.2oz



What size should I get? +-

Medium is our most popular size. We will send you a “Try Before You Buy” model of our release for free, which is in size Medium, we only ask that you cover shipping. If it feels too tight in your hand, you need a Large.

Alternatively, you can purchase either size and exchange the item using our free Returns Portal within 14 days of delivery.

How do I set up my UV BUTTON™? +-

Please follow our online step-by-step video guide: UV BUTTON™ - Initial Setup

Alternatively, you can find the instructions here.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, please reach out to customer support and we can walk you through the setup process.

What’s the difference between Stainless Steel and Aluminum? +-

The biggest difference between the two is the weight.

Stainless Steel M - 5.6oz L - 9.6oz

  • Has more of a smooth feel and anodized finish and is the most popular of the two
  • Slightly more durable than aluminum due to the Stainless being a stronger material than aluminum
  • Available in matte black only

Aluminum M - 3.1oz L - 7.2oz

  • Much lighter than the stainless and more popular among our youth and female archers
  • Has a slightly more textured feel than stainless
  • Available in smoke gray only
  • $50 less than Stainless

Is the UV BUTTON™ release ambidextrous? +-

Yes, all of our releases are 100% ambidextrous.

Simply remove the knob and mounting bracket, rotate 180 degrees, and reinstall to swap to LH.

All releases will come standard in an RH configuration.

Do you test your releases before shipping them out? +-

Yes, all UV BUTTON™ releases are tested for quality and craftsmanship, and tested under 100lbs of load before being approved to ship out.


High-quality engineering and craftsmanship combine in UV BUTTON™ to create the ultimate release - marking a new beginning in bowhunting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Russell Bennett
The one! Finally!

The UV Button is the best release I have ever used. Fits the had very well (repeatable shot after shot) thumb button is always there, not close but dead on! The finish is awesome, not slick! I started shooting the release just few weeks ago. Already have shot some good scores. And I kid you not, I have not adjusted it any, same as the day I removed it from the box upon delivery! Every release from hinge style to other thumb button manufacturers releases I always have to massage the travel or something. This sucker requires only a “leap of faith” just aim and relax the release arm wile allowing your form to build tension, heck it just shoots itself!


Worth every penny!

Great release

This is the best button release I've owned so far, fits in my hand perfectly,the trigger is set already very sensitive! Love it!! Little pricy, but if your a serious bow hunter price doesn't matter for perfection!

Great Product

Works great! Could not be happier. I am a beginner and I’m happy I spent the money to get the UV Button. It’s extremely comfortable to use, especially after I set it up exactly how I wanted it. I really want to get more just to have it incase I misplace the one I have for any reason. I have the button pretty stiff and I have the travel maxed out to avoid a misfire for accidentally bumping the button. I would prefer less travel, however, again I’m a beginner, so this is safest for me for now. Customer service is amazing and basically coached me via email on how to properly use the button.