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Experience UV Slider™ - the ultimate bowhunting sight.

Designed with enhanced ergonomics to provide lethal functionality. UV Slider™ establishes a new benchmark for sliding sights with innovations such as DualDial™, TripleMark™, and QuickBreak™ ensuring unparalleled precision. With these innovations, UV Slider™ allows you to stay focused in the moment – to make chaos stand still.


This item is a batch reserve order sold as a set.

We cannot change the Scope pin orientation.

We cannot accept exchange's for mounts upon order arrival.

Requesting to change the mount upon order arrival, will require a complete waitlist exchange.

*Certain features of this product are patented or patent pending.


UV Slider™ Rack & Rail assembly (Your choice of mounting style)

UV3XL™ SE (3-pin only)

140yd sight tapes

Compact travel case

White Viz Ring

"No-Light" Cap

Pre-installed batteries

Spare Hardware

Instruction Manual


DualDial™ -

Conveniently lock and unlock both elevation and windage with strategically placed, easy-to-reach locks. DualDial™ is the most user-friendly sight adjustment system on the market.

TripleMark™ -

A unified pin and indicator pairing solution that makes every pin a floating pin – guaranteeing precision at any distance. The indicator pins are ultra-fine and close to the tape for increased accuracy.

QuickBreak™ -

Quickly break down the sight and scope unit from the vertical rail, making traveling and cleaning easy for when distant hunts get dirty.

Additional Features


An acclaimed scope system optimized for UV Slider™. UV3XL™ Slider Edition offers superior functionalities and enhanced ease of use with an integrated, removable light cartridge for consistent pin brightness. Utilizing our patented UV Cartridge system, it enables effortless pin-count and pin-size modifications without adjusting sight marks.

Twin Sight Tapes -

Allows for always-visible yardage marks on both sides of the sight.

Anti-Backlash -

Eliminates uncertainty, guaranteeing precision, smoothness, and reliability for unparalleled performance.

Pre-aligned 2nd axis with micro-adjust 1st & 3rd -

Out of the box, UV Slider™ has pre-leveled 1st and 3rd axes; the 2nd axis remains level if the 1st is set. The 1st and 3rd axes also feature micro-adjustments with tactile, spring-assisted feedback, making leveling fast and easy.


Bridge-Lock - Mathews - 12.5 oz

Picatinny - Hoyt - 12.3 oz

Side Mount - Universal - 12.5 oz


Slider mounts are NOT interchangeable due to the orientation of the slider model.

Once assembly begins, mount options CANNOT BE CHANGED.

Requesting to change the slider orientation upon order arrival will require a waitlist exchange, which will place you into a later batch.



Can I get a different scope cartridge for the UV Slider™? +-

UV Slider™ comes with the UV3XL™ SE horizontal 3 pin only. However, alternate pin configurations are available as cartridges.

Can I get the single pin scope? +-

Single pin scopes are available on the scope page. UV Slider currently only comes in the 3 pin configuration.

Does the bonus pin come with an indicator? +-

No, it does not.

Can I buy the slider sight only? +-

Not at this time.

Can I buy the mount only? +-

Unfortunately, we do not sell the mount separately.

Can I exchange my mount? +-

Requesting to change the mount upon order arrival will require an entire product waitlist exchange, which will place you into a later batch shipment time. UV Slider™ are sold as a complete set.

Can I buy the slider and send back the scope? +-

UV Sliders™ are sold as a complete set; no parts can be exchanged.

Can I change my mind on the slider mount once I place an order? +-

We are working diligently to meet the demands of our Batch orders and kindly ask that you order the slider sight with the correct option mount, as requesting to change this option can slow down your order lead time.

Can I exchange my slider mount once my order arrives? +-

UV Slider™ are a Batch Reserve order item; an exchange once the order arrives will place you into an exchange waitlist.

How do I set up my slider? +-

Please click here to see the correct way to set up your UV Slider™.

Will there be a "true left" handed slider? +-

At current, the Left-Handed UV Slider™ is a rotated version of the Right Hand Orientation; although not "true left", this orientation will not affect the usability of the UV Slider™.


Terms of Purchase

Ordering Process +-

Made-to-Order: The UV SLIDER™ is manufactured on a made-to-order basis. Upon placing an order, please allow [6 weeks] for production to commence.

Batch System: Orders are processed in batches to ensure efficiency and quality. Your order will be included in the production batch available upon placing your order.

Assembly and Production +-

Production Timeline: The assembly process typically takes [X days/weeks] from the start of the production batch.

Quality Control: Each UV SLIDER™ undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure compliance with our standards. This may add [10 days] to the overall production timeline.

Shipping and Delivery +-

Shipping Time: Once production and quality control are completed, the UV SLIDER™ will be shipped within [2 days] of completion.

Delivery Time: Delivery times may vary based on location and shipping method chosen at checkout.

Customs Fees and Charges +-

For international orders, please note that customs duties, taxes, and any additional fees imposed by the destination country are the sole responsibility of the recipient/customer.

Payment of Fees: Upon the arrival of the package in your country, the customs authorities may contact you to collect any applicable fees. Please ensure prompt payment to avoid delays or returns of the shipment.

Payment and Confirmation +-

Payment: Payment is required upon order placement to initiate production. We accept various methods of payment as well as 4 interest-free installments via ShopPay.

Order Confirmation: Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation email with an estimated production start date and an approximate delivery timeline.

Returns +-

Refund Policy: Only products originally sold by ULTRAVIEW will be considered for return to ULTRAVIEW, within 14 days of your receipt of the product. Returns to be contained in original box with all contents, unadjusted and in immediate re-sellable condition. We will not accept damages (unless approved) or destructed products for which you are responsible. (Please see Warranty Coverage 3. & 4.)

For more information on our return process, or to start the return process click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Justin Reed

UV Slider is by far the best bow sight I have ever used, The UV Slider offers precision and ease of use for both novice and seasoned archers. Its adjustable design allows for precise targeting. With smooth sliding adjustments, it ensures quick and accurate aim, making it a valuable addition to any archer's gear arsenal.

Gregori Fermin
Just need to say. Is great product

I love a lot.. give 5 stars if is more will.get more.. guys great work 👏


The best sight I have ever owned very please with it. The quality is top notch very well made

b. craw
Great sight!

Great sight, smooth roller with great functionality. Tight tolerances and easy adjustment.

Everything You’d Ever Want In a Sight

First off, the unboxing experience is top notch. Comes in a hq handy travel case that has room for other things like extra tapes and releases. The sight itself is very durable and high quality. Yardage markers are SHARP and very sturdy. I cut my finger the first time taking the housing off on them but that was me just not paying attention. Love that you can take the housing off for travel too. I got the pic mount version and it seems very solid. Everything is right where it should be and it has performed flawlessly so far. Couldn’t be happier! Would highly recommend!