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Engineered for archery - Designed for you.

With The Hinge 2, we started the design by first looking at the human hand. How the release fits the hand is extremely important, your hand is what provides input to the release. 

We measured hundreds of hands and researched how they work – all the way down to the bone and muscle structure. The Hinge 2  release is truly one of the most comfortable releases you’ll ever shoot; Designed to fit your hand perfectly every time you draw your bow back.

This consistent hand placement helps you develop rock-solid shot execution and tighter groups. Never let your release hang up again and become great with your archery with The Hinge 2.


HINGE 2 (Your choice of size and material)

Allen key for click/fire adjustments

Instruction manual


Micro-adjust click and fire

A dual moon system allows you to micro-adjust the timing of both your click and fire moons.

Deadly quiet magnetic head retention & HINGE 2

A small magnet holds the head back from freely flopping around, making it whisper quiet in the woods and always at the ready.

Designed for comfort and consistency

]The most comfortable and consistent release you will ever shoot. Deliberate, ergonomic finger beds that fit your hand perfectly.

Matte Black / Stainless Steel

A new finish available only on The Hinge 2.

Accessorize just the way you like it

2, 3 and 4 finger Hunting Brackets in both anodized aluminum and matte black stainless options.


Compatible with all properly secured D-loops.

Aluminum - Medium - 6oz

Stainless - Medium - 8oz

Aluminum - Large - 7.2oz

Stainless - Large - 9.6oz



What size should I get? +-

Medium is our most popular size. We will send you a “Try Before You Buy” model of our release for free, which is in size Medium, we only ask that you cover shipping. If it feels too tight in your hand, you need a Large.

Alternatively, you can purchase either size and exchange the item using our free Returns Portal within 14 days of delivery.

How do I set up my HINGE 2? +-

Please follow our online step-by-step video guide: HINGE 2: UNBOXING AND SETUP

Alternatively, you can find the instructions here.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, please reach out to customer support and we can walk you through the setup process.

What is the most common way archers use this release? +-

Most archers use the release with a “click”. This is a feature that lets you know the release is about to fire.

As you are pulling through the shot, you will hear a “click” and the release will fire shortly after if tension is still being applied.

I bought your Hinge 2 release and it is going off before I get to full draw, what do I do? +-

Follow the online steps to adjust the release. Make sure you loosen the internal locking screw before adjusting the moons.

A good starting point is to set the moons to a “cold” position. Always use a shot trainer after any adjustments are made before going to your bow.

Once you are comfortable, adjust the release to your preferred fire settings.

Is the HINGE 2 release ambidextrous? +-

Yes, all of our releases are 100% ambidextrous.

The HINGE 2 can be shot with or without a thumb peg, and if shooting with a peg, it can be configured for either LH or RH shooters

I am struggling with target panic, which release would you recommend? +-

The HINGE 2 is a great release to help with target panic.

This will help you work on pulling through the shot vs punching the trigger. Once you have mastered the HINGE 2, you can switch to and from UV BUTTON™ and use the same technique to fire the Button release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

Hands down the best hinge release I've ever used.

Steve Adams

Love it was shooting a2finger zenith Great adjustments on hinge2. High quality.


Pairs perfectly with my Ultraview’s button

Zacchaeus Palus
Worth every penny!

I love the adjustable click and fire, makes it really easy to set it where you want it. It has really helped me with my form and release. Really Great Product.

Colton Paul
Hinge 2

I ordered this a few weeks ago because I wanted to try something new and break my habit of a punch.
I ordered a medium and I’m 6’3 with pretty good size hands and it fits great in my hand.
This is a great hinge release. Does everything and more. I love the fully adjustable 2 moon system. You can really customize to you. Definitely recommend this.