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    At times (especially from December to March) we get crazy busy! We are extremely thankful that we're always struggling to keep up with orders but please be patient with us. Our team is probably smaller than you would guess and if your order hasn't shipped out immediately it is a save bet that we've been busting out 12-14hr days trying to catch back up with orders.

    When you place an order you should have gotten an email notification confirming your purchase. If you got this email then we're working on putting your order together. If you did not get this email then you probably incorrectly entered your email when placing your order (read * below).

    If your package is lost in the mail we suggest contacting USPS first to see whats going on. If it has been shipped for 6 business days (domestically) or 15 business days (internationally) and you have still not received your order please feel free to contact us. 

    Thank you for supporting and placing an order with us! We are extremely thankful for people like you who make it possible for us to do what we love. If there is an issue with your order please be patient with us, our goal os not to 'scam' you. Without you there would never be an ULTRAVIEW.

    * When placing an order with us you are required to give us an email address so we can keep you up to date on your orders status. With that being said if you had a typo/gave us the wrong email we can not contact you to give you order updates. Just remember this when you go to email us requesting order updates. (this happens more than you would think)



    What sights the UV2 fits on.

    The ULTRAVIEW 2 will attach to almost every target sight on the market including Axcel, Shibuya, CBE, Black Gold, ArcSystem etc... If you are unsure as to if it will fit the sight you have please contact your sight manufacturer and ask them if the ULTRAVIEW 2 Scope will fit (it is very difficult to keep up with all the sights on the market as they are constantly changing).

    If your sight has an attachment for a 10-32 bolt it will most likely fit. However we still recommend contacting your sight manufacturer as it is very hard for us to be certain if it will fit, but they will know for sure.

    It comes with 10-32 threaded rods and nuts to help with installation. If you have an Axcel sight you may need this adapter piece (below) if you don't already have one. Heres the link:


    How to Setup/Install my ULTRAVIEW 2

    Chirs Bee did a great unboxing video and explains how he installs his UV2 check it out here, or watch below! NOTE: We no longer make the lens cartridge separate from the sun shade. We only sell the World Archery Cartridge (lens retainer and shade) combined into one part. You will not receive two separate parts like Chirs did in this video.


    Will a (insert lens manufacturer here) lens fit? - Chances are YES! We have great relationships with all the lens manufacturers and they know what size they need to cut a lens to so it fits.

    How do I get my center drilled fiber brighter? - 1st we recommend trying green fiber (it definitely works the best with our light). 2nd make sure the fiber is pulled all the way through on the level side of the lens. This allows our light to light it up better.

    Is the UV2 ambidextrous? - YES! Of course it is! We don't hate lefties that much! ;)

    If you're thinking about trying to get one for free to 'just try it out' - We have a 14-day return policy for this very reason. So you can try it out for 2 weeks before you're suck with it (what other archery company allows this?).



    What bows do your Mathews UltraGrips fit?

    The Mathews UltraGirp 2019 & Later will fit every Mathews with the removable black Engage Grip (every flagship Mathews bow made since 2019). To include but not limited to, TRX, VXR...

    The Mathews UltraGirp 2018 & earlier will fit bows with the removable black grip or focus grip. For example, Halon series, TRX, Triax, Avail etc... Simply remove the old grip, clean the riser and then slip on the UltraGrip. The bows the grip will not fit on include the TRG, Chill X Pro and conquest series bows.

    What is the thickness of your Mathews grips verses the stock grip?

    The thickness of the flat face on our Mathew UltraGrip is 0.45” with a total thickness of 0.75” on all the Low, Medium and High angles. This applied for 2018 and earlier and 2019 and later UltraGrips.

    The thickness of the flat face on the Jesse Broadwater Signature Series grip varies from 0.173” at the throat to 0.537” at the bottom of the grip which is substantially thinner than both our original UltraGrip as well as the stock grip.


    What angles do Low, Medium and High correspond to?

    Low corresponds to a 3º angle, Medium is a 12º angle and High is a 20º degree angle.


    What bows do your Hoyt Target UltraGrips fit?

    The target UltraGrip will fit any Hoyt target bow that has the black modular grip system this includes the Invicta, Podium, Prevail, HyperEdge, ProForce, Etc..


    What releases do your funky knobs work with?

    The Funky Knobs are compatible with any style thumb button release. Funky Knob will come with a special adapter for Stan releases. The only release it will not work on is the Stan Perfex.


    How do I make a return?

    We do FREE returns and exchanges with a 14 day money back guarantee. You can initiate your request by contacting us here with your order number.

    What is your warranty?

    We have a 1 year 100% warranty on our products.

    Do you ship to (insert any country here)?

    Of course we do! We have world wide shipping to over 240 countries for only $9.99!


    Can I be an Ultraview dealer?

    Of course! We do have a dealer program and would love to have you. You can reach out here.

    Which grip angle is most popular?

    The 10º Hoyt grip is our most popular selling Hoyt target grip and the medium angle for the Mathews grip kit is the most popular angle in our Mathews grip kit. However, everyone is built differently so we recommend trying all the angles to get the best performing grip for you!

    Do you have a pro-staff program? Can I try your stuff for free?

    Unless you have a very serious business proposition we generally do not give out product for free. We have a hard time keep up with our paying customers as it is.


    Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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