ASA Metropolis Illinois - 2021

ASA Metropolis Illinois - 2021

Tournament history

The 4th ASA tournament of the season wrapped up this past weekend in Metropolis Illinois. Metropolis is the farthest north that the ASA circuit ventures. The town is surrounded by corn and known for the large superman statue just off of Main St. This course is likely the flattest of the ASA ranges, and has been known to be muddy in past years.

UV Teammate Alexia Graves standing in front of the Metropolis Superman 

Astronomically high scores

The scores for the pro shootdown were ridiculously high at this year's Matthews Pro Am. Kyle Douglas set the new ASA record by shooting 58 up for the weekend with 30 12’s. There was a 2 way tie for 5th place but Remington Boyer made the shootdown in the known pro class over Brady Hempen with just one more bonus ring. Tim Gillingham led the senior pro class with a scope of 30 up. 


The rain held out for us this year, as did the mud. The wind was enough to keep us cool but did cause a few let downs on my ranges. Overall, it was just an excellent weekend to be shooting a bow and hanging out with friends. However, the mosquitos were absolutely brutal! I believe I heard more about how annoying the bugs were this past weekend than I did about Archery in general. Next year I believe we will not forget our bug spray!

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