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  • ULTRAVIEW Buyers Guide

    ULTRAVIEW Buyers Guide

    Archery requires many decisions about various different types of equipment, these decisions can be difficult even for the most experienced shooters. We regularly receive inquiries from customers about what they should buy given their specific circumstances and style of archery. We wrote this article to help ease the pain and confusion of decision making. And of course, to help make archery easier!

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  • 2021 JOAD Target Nationals Recap

    2021 JOAD Target Nationals Recap

    Rain, Lightning, and Fire - The archers overcame quite a bit of adverse weather this past weekend. There were a total of 7 delays due to lightning and even a fire delay on the recurve field because someone shot the PA system.

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  • Your First Target Nationals?

    Your First Target Nationals?

    This week there may be quite a few archers traveling to their first national level target tournament with JOAD Nationals starting Wednesday and USA Archery Target Nationals quickly approaching. In this article we will try to help minimize some of the confusion and let you know what to expect at one of these events.
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  • ASA Metropolis Illinois - 2021

    ASA Metropolis Illinois - 2021

    Astronomically high scores - plenty of bonus rings and mosquitos to go around! The 4th ASA tournament of the season wrapped up this past weekend in Metropolis Illinois, and boy oh boy... Records were broken.
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  • Peeps & Target Alignment

    Peeps & Target Alignment

    It’s commonly passed around that the peep needs to be circled by the sight. This has been told so many times that it’s widely accepted. The truth is, this age old archery advice is totally incorrect...
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