ULTRAVIEW Buyers Guide

ULTRAVIEW Buyers Guide

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Archery requires many decisions about various different types of equipment, these decisions can be difficult even for the most experienced shooters. We regularly receive inquiries from customers about what they should buy given their specific circumstances and style of archery. We wrote this article to help ease the pain and confusion of decision making. And of course, to help make archery easier!


The Hinge has a sleek design that has been measured against hundreds of hands to ensure the highest level of consistency and comfort in the fit.  With that being said, the medium Hinge is designed to fit the vast majority of people. If you wear a medium or large glove size, the medium Hinge will  be the best choice for you. If you wear an XL glove or larger and have well above average sized hands, the large Hinge may be a better option for you. For reference, the large Hinge is 20% larger than the medium. (We almost never exchange a medium Hinge for a large one).

Hunting Brackets

The Hunting Bracket is a great choice for target archers and hunters alike. It is easy to drop the Hinge from your deer stand or forget what pocket you put it in. The Hunting Bracket allows you to attach the Hinge to your hand so this is no longer an issue or even a concern. Not only is the Bracket a great way to keep the Hinge close, it can also adjust the overall weight of the Hinge to achieve that perfect feel. Using the Hunting Bracket can be more economical, if you’re looking to have a heavy release. For example, the standard brass medium Hinge weighs 3.2 oz and costs $299.99. The medium aluminum Hinge with the brass Bracket weighs 3.6 oz but only costs $249.98. For those of us balling on a budget or just looking to save a few dollars, this may be a great option.

What is the difference between the Target Kit and the Hunting Kit?

The main differences between the Hunting Kit and the Target Kit are the internal components they come with. The  Hunting Kit comes with a pre-threaded Up Pin in either a 0.019” or 0.010” option, while the Target Kit comes with a power lens of your choice. The Lenses we offer come in various power ranges: 0x, 2x, 4x, 6x, or 8x. You also have the option of opting out from a lens if you would prefer this. It is also worth noting that with a Target Kit you will also receive a Dot Kit and a Fiber Kit, both of which are not included in the  Hunting Kit.

 If you would like to have both of these components on your scope set up without having to buy another scope, you can also individually purchase the Cartridges themselves. We offer a Hunting Cartridge and a Lens Cartridge for this very reason. Similar to the Scope Kits we offer, the Cartridges also differ in terms of their internal components. The Hunting Cartridge will come with your choice of  0.019” or 0.010” Up Pin size, while it should be noted that the Lens Cartridge will come with just the cartridge itself, no lens included. These Cartridges allow you to easily swap out your scope for any set up you are looking to shoot with.

 Some archers prefer using a lens along with an up pin. Our UV3 Hunting Cartridge allows you to simultaneously use a lens and an up pin at the same time. Additionally, our Lenses are center drilled, allowing you to thread fiber through them without the need for an up-pin. 

If you want to have the biggest bang for your buck:

If you want to have the biggest bang for your buck, and be able to set up the UV3 for ANY style of archery, we recommend purchasing a Target Kit with your lens power of choice, and a Hunting Cartridge with your desired Pin size. Having this setup allows you to essentially swap out your scope to best fit whatever your discipline is. 


Where to start with lenses... You will likely not need a clarifier for a 2x or a 4x lens but many archers need to look into buying clarifiers for their peep with a 6x or higher lens. As for what power lens we recommend, it really depends on what type of archery you are doing. For hunting we do not recommend that you use a lens.  The hunting cartridges with no lens are more durable and are catered more toward adverse hunting conditions.. It is easy to lose  your place on an animal and make a bad shot because you are not really sure where you are aiming with higher power lenses. Indoor archery is where most archers break out their higher power lenses. Up close targets and no wind or rain, creates the best environment for the higher magnifications. Good luck and if you have any more questions contact us at TeamUV@ultraviewarchery.com!

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