Your First Target Nationals?

Your First Target Nationals?

Let us Help

This week there may be quite a few archers traveling to their first national level target tournament with JOAD Nationals starting Wednesday and USA Archery Target Nationals quickly approaching. In this article we will try to help minimize some of the confusion and let you know what to expect at one of these events. If you are accustomed to shooting 3D archery, the transition to target archery can be difficult and confusing at times. Fear not, we are here to help make archery easier!

Equipment Inspection

Unlike 3D and NFAA tournaments, USA Archery events have equipment inspection. The inspection is designed to help the archers and ensure everyone is playing by World Archery rules. One thing not everyone knows is that receiving an inspection is voluntary, even though it may seem enforced at times. Required or not, I still highly recommend that you recieve one, especially if you're planning on breaking a new world record! It is easy to accidentally break rules you didn't even know existed and this is a great way to catch it without being penalized.  With compound bows, there will be a draw weight test to ensure that the poundage is at or under 62 lbs. Judges also check arrows to see they are numbered, initialled and all identical in regards to fletching and nock colors. This is when they also look for any electronics attached to your equipment. Conveniently, this is why all UV3 scopes come with the World Archery Cap that quickly and easily replaces the light kit. Additionally, this time is used to ensure your attire follows all USA/World Archery rules, they want to make sure you look good for pictures! 

Day One - Shooting Begins!

There will be 3 practice ends, during which the archer can shoot as many arrows as they please within the time allowed on the clock (4 minutes). Once practice is over, scoring will begin. Scoring consists of shooting 12 ends of 6 arrows, for a total of 72 arrows and a maximum score of 720 points.  At the end of the tournament, the archers sign the score cards and are required to turn all of the scorecards in with the entire group present! Don’t let your bale mates run away too soon! 

UV Teammate Jimmy Bell going to hang up his target at the Texas Shootout

Elimination Rounds

Elimination rounds add an entire new level of confusion and almost never go completely smoothly. Don’t be surprised if there is a random delay or last minute technical failure. Target assignments will be posted on the bales located at the front entrance of each range or near the Director Of Shooting (DOS) stand. You can also access your target assignment online on whichever website the tournament is using for live scoring (normally for USA Archery events). Double check that the target assignment online matches the one posted at the range, they have been known to contradict. If they do not match, we recommend finding a judge immediately to determine where you should be shooting. Overall, just go with the flow, follow the instructions of the judges, and when in doubt, ask your neighbor! Good luck, I hope to see you all at JOAD or senior nationals! 

- Laura Hughes

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